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Chef Renée  - Chef/OwneR

Early in her career, Renée was the luncheon chef at “The Painted House”, then the best French restaurant in Santa Rosa, which later became “La Bourguignon.” She has been cooking since she was nine years old and put in charge of her family’s Sunday dinner.  Under her mother’s supervision, Renee learned to sauté, braise, roast meats and poultry, make pastries and cakes from scratch, and to put up jams and chutneys. More than technique, she learned an adventurous attitude towards food and cooking, as her mother encouraged her to try her hand at many different international dishes.  Inspired by the centerfold spreads in Gourmet Magazine and her mother’s zest for and love of fine cooking, Renee learned not just the basics, but also became fascinated by the connection between food and culture.

At the restaurant, as well as running the day-shift kitchen and cooking the hot line and creating daily specials for a luncheon service of ~100 covers, Renée prepared all the sauce set-ups and daily soups for the evening shift, including the restaurant’s signature dish for the dinner menu, Boeuf Bourguignon. She has completed classes in wine tasting at the University of California at Davis as well as the Monell Chemical Senses Center given at the School for American Chefs at Beringer Vineyards, Napa.

Renée has traveled extensively, lived abroad and spent the bulk of her career in “green” energy, working for both government and a number of energy companies, as well as founding several start-ups. Throughout, she always continued her passion for quality food and cooking via catering various functions for non-profits she supported and large private functions at her home, as well as teaching her two children to cook as her mother did her.

Jessica Guild - Manager/Jill of All Trades

As a child, Jessica was exposed to food of the most elegant and delicious nature, masterfully prepared by her gourmet chef-of-a-mother. As soon as her knife wielding skills were honed, she joined her mom in the kitchen, serving as sous and pastry chef. Starting at age 8, it was Jessica’s job to provide the Mother’s Day fruit tart, to accompany the day’s picnic lunch. During her college years, her passion for cooking became an expression of love for her family and friends, a passion which continues today. Many of her friends have enjoyed sampling her scrumptious desserts and home cooked meals. Jessica graduated from UC Santa Cruz in December 2008, with a degree in Latin American and Latino Studies.

Through out the years, Jessica has developed a certain "tech savvy" which includes knowledge in digital photography (video and still), digital media editing, graphic design, marketing (material creation and plan implementation), social networking and mastery of organizational software. These skills have been especially useful as she embarks on the co-creation of a business with her mother!

These days, Jessica spends her free time working on her wine palette, learning about pairing wine and food, and enjoying her weekends in hometown Santa Cruz, taking pictures, running and surfing.